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Many house buyers need help with their mortgage research reveals

Nov 06, 2018

Bank of mum and dadResearch carried out by Allison Homes' sister company Larkfleet Homes and What Mortgage has revealed that many house buyers depend on help from family or other sources to finance their purchase.

A substantial minority (28 per cent) of current house-hunters expect to receive some help with putting together the deposit needed to secure a mortgage – but most (64 per cent) say they will have no assistance.

However, when it comes to the point of purchase it appears that not all the promised assistance materialises. Among those who have actually completed a purchase only 22 per cent say they received help with the deposit.

Those who did receive help with putting together a deposit usually (58 per cent) obtained it from their parents – and grandparents assisted a further 8 per cent of respondents.

A slight majority (51 per cent) of those who received help are expected to pay the money back – but 46 per cent are not and 3 per cent are unsure.

Once they have a deposit in place, the majority of house-hunters appear to find the process of applying for a mortgage relatively straight-forward – 16 per cent say it was ‘very easy’ and 41 per cent said it was ‘quite easy’. However, there were substantial minorities who had varying degrees of difficulty.

Among those who have actually completed a purchase, the perception of the ease of applying for a mortgage is even higher than among those currently searching for a house. A total of 74 per cent describe it as either ‘very easy’ or ‘quite easy’.

Larkfleet CEO Karl Hick said: “It is important that we understand our customers and the ways in which they finance their purchases so that we can see whether there are ways in which we can assist. One of those is to introduce potential buyers to independent advisers who can help them get the best possible mortgage deal.”

Joanne Atkin, editor of What Mortgage, commented: “With house prices so high in many parts of the country, it can be really difficult to save enough for a deposit on a home. If you do have to rely on outside financial assistance from parents, grandparents, other family or friends, remember that your mortgage lender will want to know where the money has come from.”