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Apply for Grant From The Larkfleet Homes Community Fund






Community Fund

The Larkfleet Homes Community Fund supports charitable projects that enhance or develop a local community. The fund is part of our commitment to supporting the existing communities within which we are developing new homes and to helping the integration of our new developments within those communities.

Any charitable cause or community project that operates within ten miles (16 kilometres) of any Larkfleet Homes or Allison Homes development can apply for these grants. There is no restriction on the number of grants that can be given to a particular place but we will aim to ensure that the fund, over time, supports communities right across our area of operations. We will not offer grants to the same organisation more than once every three years.

Grants of between £250 and £5,000 (or more in special circumstances) are awarded on a quarterly basis with ‘cut off’ dates for submission on 1 February, 1 May, 1 August and 1 November each year.

These grants from the Larkfleet Homes Community Fund are administered by the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation and full details are on its website.


Small grants

Sponsorships, gifts and grants of less than £250 are administered directly by Larkfleet Homes.

We recognise that many small groups, seeking small donations, may not be able to meet all the requirements of the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation’s application process. If you wish to apply for funding of less than £250, therefore, you can simply fill in the form that you will find at the foot of this page.

The same criteria are used in assessing applications for small grants as are used for the larger grants administered by the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation. We are aiming to support charitable causes or community projects operating within ten miles (16 kilometres) of any Larkfleet Homes or Allison Homes development. Our focus is on activities that enhance or develop local communities.


The Larkfleet Community Fund history

The Larkfleet Homes Community Fund has been operating since 2016 and has already made grants of over £10,000 to communities in Cambridgeshire and Rutland including:


Application for grant of less than £250 from The Larkfleet Homes Community Fund

For grants larger than £250 you need to follow the process here