17 Aug 2017

Innovative Development of the Year Winner

Larkfleet have won an Award for their Solar Steam project. The judges said the following:

‘A futuristic and groundbreaking’ development from the heart of our county has helped a Lincolnshire company win a top energy award.

Judges said Larkfleet Group's 'Solar Steam' project was an outstanding winner of Innovative Development of the Year at the 2015 Lincolnshire Energy Awards.

‘Solar Steam is essentially a collection of giant lenses designed to concentrate the energy of sunlight onto metal piping and heat water to boiling point,’ said Helen Bell, chair of the judging panel.

This steam can then be used for example, to generate electricity by driving a turbine and so could be used extensively in other countries, which have limited natural resources but plenty of sunlight and so could power desalination plants, refrigerators, sterilisation plants and numerous kinds of waste treatment.

‘Its potential market could be huge with interest already been shown from Pakistan and Bagladesh.’ Although the project is currently in its development and trials stage the judges considered that the innovation behind this project was creative, imaginative and - if successful - has staggering potential.

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