8 Jun 2017

LABC Site agent of the year - Finalist

Dean Dye

Dean Dye, site agent on the Larkfleet Homes development at Bourne Heights, was shortlisted for the ‘LABC site agent of the year’ award.

Building control for this site has been provided by The East Midlands Building Consultancy which operates a building control partnership between South Kesteven District Council, Newark and Sherwood District Council and Rushcliffe Borough Council.

Staff from The East Midlands Building Consultancy may be at Bourne Heights two or three times each week. Dean schedules visits for key stage completions such as drainage and footings.

Because of the experience and competence of the Larkfleet team and its contractors (see below) there are rarely any ‘issues’ arising from the inspections. Those few that do arise are swiftly dealt with.

Dean says: “The LABC team are extremely helpful with a positive ‘can do’ attitude. If they find things they are not happy with – which does not happen often – they invariably suggest ways to put things right rather than walking away and leaving you to get on with it.”

Sean Mcmanus of The East Midlands Building Consultancy says: “I am on site myself once or twice each week. The good working relationship which Dean has with his colleagues and contractors is noticeable – he is capable of speaking firmly to people when things need sorting out yet without giving offence.

“And he always accompanies me when I go out on site – whatever the weather – when he could easily stay in the warm and dry!”

There have been no reported accidents on site since construction began. Site health and safety is overseen by Larkfleet’s in-house health and safety supervisor as well as by Dean.

Some of the contractors also have their own specialist health and safety advisors or managers. Contractors are generally responsible for health and safety of their own operations but Dean has overall responsibility for the site.

Dean says: “We have an excellent team of contractors who take their responsibilities seriously and co-operate with one another and with me to ensure safe working on site across all the trades and activities. 

“Some of the contractors, such as the groundworkers, have been with me on other sites and I have been successful in having the same teams allocated to Bourne Heights.”

The groundwork contractor actually won an award for health and safety performance on the site where it previously worked with Dean. 

Sean Mcmanus says; “The quality of the work on site is always excellent – particularly the groundwork. I think this is largely down to Dean. He is able to get the best from what is already a first-class team.”

The first houses were completed on time and on budget and residents are now enjoying their new homes. There have been no post-completion complaints and Larkfleet has not been required to return to the homes other than for routine ‘snagging’.

Dean undertakes his own snagging inspection of each house before the future residents are invited in for a ‘demonstration’ of their new home when they are shown (for example) how the heating system works, how the PV panels are managed, etc. They are encouraged at that time to undertake their own ‘snagging’ inspection and if they identify any problems Dean takes care of them.

Dean similarly deals with any issues that arise during the first few days of occupancy.

Dean says: “We pride ourselves on handing over high quality homes. By putting time and effort into getting things right up front we have very few calls to rectify faults.”

Sean Mcmanus says: “I would be happy to endorse Dean’s entry for the LABC site agent of the year award. He would be a very worthy winner. Our job would be a lot easier if all the people we dealt with were like Dean!”

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