Research & Development

Research & Development


The Larkfleet Group of Companies, as part of a consortium of companies, developed Startlink Lightweight Building Systems (SLBS). The project was supported by funding from the UK government because of the potential significance of the technology being developed.

We have constructed a ‘test house’ using these materials and methods – the ‘Larkfleet PassiveHouse’ – which is built to Passivehaus and Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6 standards. It shows how lightweight pultruded glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) composite beams and panels could revolutionise the way in which homes are built. 

The house is designed to be built using modular components that can be mass-produced in a factory and then easily installed on site with minimal labour and site waste. This allows the building to be completed in much less time than a traditionally built house.

The prototype Larkfleet PassiveHouse sits alongside our headquarters in Bourne, Lincolnshire. Having proved the principle, we are now seeking ways to bring the concept to a wider commercial market.