19 Nov 2017

Stamford Mercury Business Awards - Large Business of the Year Winner

Larkfleet Homes won the Large Business of the Year category of the 2017 Stamford Mercury Business Awards.

Larkfleet Homes was nominated because it has an enviable reputation for producing high quality, new homes in sustainable developments. It uses innovative technology and construction methods to deliver new homes which exceed customers' expectations.

The judges were impressed with the company’s substantially increased sales in the previous year and its nationwide expansion. New house building companies have been opened under the Larkfleet brand in the South West of England, Scotland and Norfolk & Suffolk.

Allison Homes has been developed as a separate company, with Larkfleet Homes concentrating on timber-framed houses and Allison Homes on conventional brick-and-block construction.

The company has also launched major new R&D initiatives including an ‘elevating house’ that can rise above flood waters – which will therefore permit development on flood plains – and a ‘grid neutral’ house which will generate as much electricity as it uses.

On top of all these business initiatives the judges thought that Larkfleet’s contributions to the community were equally important.

One of the most significant of these has been the opening of the Greater Peterborough University Technical College (GPUTC) – of which Larkfleet is one of three ‘employer sponsors’. The company has been involved with the project since its inception and supports the college with cash, contributions in kind and staff time. 

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