19 Jun 2015

Sustainable Construction Company of the Year Winner

Larkfleet have won an Award for their Startlink, Eco House and Flood Risk House 

Judges said Larkfleet Group's ‘overwhelming commitment’ to sustainable developments ensured it was crowned Sustainable Construction Company of the Year at the 2015 Lincolnshire Energy Awards.

Judges were looking for the company which did the most to promote the message that 'green construction' is not only possible but environmentally preferable, and which has put that into operation.

And the panel wawowed by the Larkfleet entrywith one judge saying that 'Sustainability is in their DNA, it's at the heart of everything the company doeswhile another said that crucially, the company was economically sustainable, not just ecologically sustainable.

Larkfleet is a sustainable house buildera majodeveloper of sustainable energy projectsan investorin sustainability-focused R&O projects and a provider of energy-efficient improvements fonew and existing

buildings," said Helen Bell, chair of the Judging panel.

‘Their Solar Steam technology is being tested, and harnesses heat from the sun to produce steam which can then be used to drive an electricity generator.

‘And the Larkfleet PassiveHouse, at the head office in Bourne, is an example of their commitment to sustainability.

Designed and built using lightweight protruded glass-reinforced plastic components and off-site construction techniques, it meets high standards fothermal resistance and air tightness.’

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