Exclusive Living for the over 55s

Exclusive Living for the over 55s

The Croft communities developed by Larkfleet Homes for the over-55s provide economic, health and social benefits – and not just for the residents.


Exclusive new homes for the over-55s

The proportion of people in the UK over the age of 50 has increased significantly in recent years, and the trend shows no sign of slowing. For many people of this age group, the availability of purpose-built high-quality homes to meet their needs has filled a much-needed void, especially as housing requirements at this life stage can alter significantly

The requirements shift to independent living combined with the economic, health and social benefits of being part of a community.

And Larkfleet’s exclusive brand, The Croft, designs and builds houses and bungalows to this specification, tailored to the over-55s only. They are designed and built to give people of this age group (whether retired or still working) with independence based on owning and living in their own homes combined with the health and social benefits of being part of a community.

Research from organisations such as The Joseph Rowntree Foundation shows that communities such as The Croft – with their opportunities for social interaction and engagement – can reduce social isolation and provide subsequent benefits to health, well-being and quality of life. 


The Community

As well as providing new, purpose-built homes, The Croft successfully provides a community to its residents. People live happily as friends as well as neighbours, getting involved in a wide range of resident-led interest groups. Equally, there is a great community spirit of people looking out for one another with concepts such as ‘neighbourhood watch schemes’ often in place.

The Economics

Purchasing a new home at The Croft can provide significant financial benefits to residents, largely because most people transitioning to this type of community living are likely to have ‘downsized’. This can release substantial amounts of money and provide people with financial freedom to pursue a lifestyle that may not previously have been possible. It can open up opportunities to buy a new car, see new places or simply put money into investments to give an ongoing income.


Convenient living

All homes at The Croft – many of them bungalows – are designed with low maintenance and minimal upkeep in mind. In exchange for an annual service fee, residents have the reassurance of a full-time estate manager as well as an external maintenance team to look after the grounds and gardens.

Residents can also access additional services such as a handyman or a cleaner if required.

And for those who are green-fingered, some homes have the benefit of their own garden as well as communal allotments for people seeking a bigger outdoor challenge. These are available to rent for a period as as long as you like.

Living in purpose-built and efficiently heated housing removes many of the difficulties and dangers of living in inappropriate accommodation, in particular the risk of falls.

Beyond its boundaries, The Croft helps to address the current shortage of family homes by releasing under-occupied properties as older people ‘downsize’.


Larkfleet’s first development under The Croft brand won a Silver Award in the category of Best Retirement Development at the prestigious 2014 WhatHouse? Awards. The judges were particularly impressed with the community feel that has successfully been created, as well as the flexibility, balance and elevational treatments of the properties.

They added “it is the warmth of the development’s whole streetscape and use of enclosed spaces that strikes you most.”

The following year saw The Croft at Baston shortlisted in the same award category as well as being named runner-up in the HouseBuilder Awards for Best Retirement Housing.

Purchase options

Moving into a new home at The Croft is easy and stress-free with a number of purchase options available. Larkfleet offers part-exchange packages as well as an assisted-move option which helps homebuyers to sell their existing home. A ‘secure home purchase’ scheme and equity-share deals are also available on selected plots.


Future developments

Larkfleet is always on the lookout for new sites to develop under The Croft brand and is guided by the preferences of potential purchasers when selecting new sites. So, if you have a location in mind for a new The Croft development, then please let us know.


Current new The Croft home developments

The Croft at Baston


Coming soon - The Croft, Oakham.



What the residents say

Sylvia Cook moved into a two-bedroom bungalow at The Croft from a large three-bedroom property with an extensive garden and “has not looked back since”. Mrs Cook was drawn to The Croft development because of the secure community environment it offered. She said: “My previous property was located in a fairly isolated cul-de-sac that looked onto extensive open fields. I feel much more secure at The Croft and I have made great friends with my neighbours. At The Croft, I have the security of close neighbours but the design of the development also means my property is in a nice quiet area, secluded from the hustle and bustle of Bourne. “Unlike other age-exclusive developments that I looked at, the properties at The Croft are well laid out, not in large blocks that I have seen so often before.”

Albert and Rea Sains bought their new Larkfleet Homes property after Mr Sains attended an antiques valuation event held at The Croft – one of many activities staged in the community facilities – and decided to take a quick tour of the show homes.

Albert explained: “I didn’t originally intend to view the development as we had no plans to move but there was a long queue to see the antiques experts so I decided to take a look.

“I was immediately impressed with the design and standard of the properties and I thought the lifestyle on offer at The Croft was really appealing. I knew immediately that I had to come back with my wife and show her around. When we returned, Rea completely agreed with me and we decided to take the plunge and buy.

“By downsizing we could not only release some capital which was tied up in our old home but also benefit from having a new home with less maintenance and a more manageable garden. In addition, we could see that buying at The Croft offered us the security of knowing our home would still be suitable for us later on in life and we wouldn’t need to move again.”

For Margaret Pearce, buying her new chalet style bungalow at The Croft was an opportunity to return to her roots. Having grown up in the market town, it seemed like fate when Margaret and her cousin spotted the development on a nostalgic visit to some of their childhood haunts and decided to take a look.

Margaret said: “When we drove by and saw that there was a new development being built for the over 55s, we decided that we must take a look. I no longer liked the area in Peterborough that I was living in and the idea of returning to Bourne really appealed to me.

“As soon as I saw the showhome I was taken by it. All the rooms were really well laid out and the development itself was presented in a very attractive way with lots of different property types spread around landscaped courtyards. I immediately knew that I had to see whether I could make the sums add up.”

Margaret was able to part exchange on her old bungalow as well as benefit from a 25 per cent shared equity deal on her new home at The Croft.

“I still have my own home and the independent life I always had but I now have a home that will adapt with me as I get older, enabling me to continue living the life I live now for the foreseeable future.”

Mr & Mrs Austin moved into their new Larkfleet house at The Croft in Baston last year.

Mr Austin said: “We are enjoying our new home very much. We are relatively local, having lived in Folkingham previously, but we have found a like-minded and friendly community at The Croft. Our bungalow completely lives up to our expectations and we are loving living here.”

Mr Austin and his wife looked at a number of retirement development options and found The Croft at Baston fitted the bill best. They enjoy the spacious layout and wide walkways at the development which they feel give a feeling of space and openness.

One of the additions the couple have made to their home is to install Citygrass, a type of artificial lawn covering, to their garden. As Mr Austin points out, it offers a maintenance and weed-free surface which looks great throughout the year!

Mr & Mrs Diver moved into their new Larkfleet home at The Croft in Baston last year. The Croft is an age exclusive development offered by Larkfleet Homes. With varied house styles and private gardens on offer, The Croft appealed to Graham and Sue immediately.

Graham is a keen railway enthusiast and has built model railways as a pastime for many years. Having a brand new garden at his disposal proved to be just too much of a temptation and Graham has built a brand new track model railway!

The initial work was started last year and the project was recently finished as the last of the landscaping and planting was completed.

The initial work included marking out the track route and layout, building the foundations and walls. Laying the track circuits came next with inner and outer circuits, a passing loop and sidings. Following a brief pause for a holiday, the engine sheds were added to the sidings and a couple of stations and buffer stops completed the scene.

The final landscaping and planting was completed very recently and the trains are now ready to start rolling.

Graham says: “We were very happy with the choice of houses at The Croft. Obviously, what really swung it for me was having a garden large enough to house a new railway layout.”


More Information

Larkfleet is looking for new sites for future developments under The Croft brand as described here. We are guided by what potential purchasers say when choosing sites so if you would like us to build The Croft in a particular location please let us know.